Zhejiang bozhan sanitary technology Co.,Ltd
Add:nanping Road,Yongquan Town,Linhai,Zhejiang,China


      Zhejiang bozhan sanitary technology Co.,Ltd is located in Taizhou
City,Zhejiang province,specialized in productioning medium-to
-high grade faucet and fittings.We stirctfollows our motto
"Quality product,quality workers,and quality service"since
founding the factory,and we are always improving our pattems
and quality to confirm to the world market.We have been

selling our products to many countries like Europe,Middle East,North Africa and Association of south East Asian Nations ets.
Our product was produced and tested according to the International quality standard,high water-pressure water test and high air-pressure seal test to make sure no leakage of the
products,high quality material,glossy polishing,advanced plating technology and equipment,with cartridge of usage design standard over 300 thousand times.It makes you have enough reason and confidence to choose our products.

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